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Situs was founded by Martin and Ralph as a CRE brokerage firm in the mid-1980. Under their stewardship, the Houston-based firm grew from a local brokerage company into one of the world’s leading commercial real estate service providers. Prior to selling the business in 2011 to Helios AMC, Situs operated nine offices in 6 countries, employed a staff of 400+ real estate professionals, and was involved with over 1 trillion dollars of commercial real estate transactions of all types. Situs provided a large and diverse menu of consulting and real estate related financial services to a varied list of public and private clients, both domestic and international, including the world’s largest investment banks and private equity groups, insurance companies, opportunity funds, pension funds, regional lending institutions, and individuals.

Some of Situs’ primary service offerings included third party underwriting of commercial real estate loans, loan portfolio and securitization risk analysis, primary and special servicing of commercial loans, advising institutional lenders on the resolution of distressed debt, property management and leasing, and a host of related consulting services. In the midst of the “Great Recession” in 2008, Situs was awarded the first special servicing contract awarded in the USA, by the FDIC. The company also remained true to its roots, and continued to provide commercial real estate brokerage services of all types to clientele ranging from individuals, to the aforementioned institutional clients. Martin served as Chairman of the Board, and Ralph served as CEO.

In 2011, Situs was sold to Helios AMC, a rated special servicer sponsored by Ranieri Partners. In the years immediately prior to its sale, the company reached the following milestones:

  • Employed over 400 professionals across nine offices throughout the United States and Europe

  • Was involved with one trillion+ dollars of commercial real estate-related transactions since its founding

  • Evaluated over 30,000 assets in excess of $150 billion in the United States and Europe

  • Analyzed over 45 bank portfolios with assets in excess of $75 billion

  • Advised on €60 billion of European commercial real estate debt

  • Rated Primary and Special Servicer by Fitch and S&P that serviced a portfolio of over $12 billion of commercial real estate

  • Awarded the finest Special Servicing contract by FDIC for commercial loans originated by banks that failed in the “Great Recession”

  • Brokered over $100 million of REO and bankrupt assets in cities and states across the USA

By 2023, SitusAMC has grown to over 5,000 professionals with over 30 global offices serving both the commercial and residential real estate sectors as well as real estate finance technology.


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